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Quote from Fez in Backstage Pass

Fez: Hey, you wanna see what 50 stolen bucks can buy?
Hyde: Fez! It's "Ted" Nugent!
Fez: Uh-huh. Tad Nugent.
Hyde: No, man. I'm saying "Ted."
Fez: I'm saying Tad too.
Hyde: No, you're not. It says "Tad."
Fez: I know it says "Tad." I'm the one who put it on there. I don't know why we're fighting. What's the problem here?
Hyde: Because the shirt says "Tad."
Fez: Exactly. [chuckles]
Hyde: But the "A" should be an "E."
Fez: Well, that's not how you spell "Tad."
Hyde: No. That's how you spell "Ted."
Fez: Oh.
Hyde: These shirts are useless. Now Forman's out 50 bucks.

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