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Quote from Eric in Sparks

Eric: All right, fine. Can we look at our ring inscriptions, or is that bad luck, too?
Donna: Well, no, that I have to look at so I can return it in case you wrote something stupid.
Eric: "To Eric, love Donna." Well, it's not stupid. It's short. It's terse. Quite possibly even a little rude.
Donna: "All my friends know the low rider." [chuckle] Um, I don't get it. Am I the low rider? Wait. What do you mean all your friends know me? Are you saying I'm a whore?
Eric: No, no, Donna. Low Rider is the song that was playing in the car at the end of our first date. Remember, you wore that red dress, and at the end of the night I kissed you, and I remember thinking, I just... You know, "I just can't believe she's with me."
Donna: Eric, that is the most romantic thing I've ever heard. Take your pants off.
Eric: And that's the most romantic thing I've ever heard.

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