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Quote from Dina in Integrity Award

Dina: Come on now, you just need to make it worth his while, right? Bedroom-wise? Kitchen-wise? Dungeon-wise? Whatever it is you guys do. This would just really help me out.
Mateo: Okay, sure, no problem.
Dina: Great. Let me know if you need any good sex moves.
Mateo: Nope, I'm good.
Dina: You're gonna wanna take his whole mess of parts, and just twist 'em up fast, okay? Like a... like a windup toy. Uh, pretend it's a jar of pickles that won't open. [to a customer] Excuse you, this is a private conversation.


 ‘Integrity Award’ Quotes

Quote from Dina

Dina: Okay, this is our store today. Here's where I'd like to see it in three months. Fresh coat of paint, advanced security system. You can tell Jeff whatever they have at the Tel Aviv airport will be fine.

Quote from Garrett

Garrett: Look, I know how much you want the award.
Glenn: Whoa! That's quite a leap.
Garrett: Well, on the off chance that I'm right, why don't we do this? [over PA] Attention, Cloud 9 employees, do not recommend me for the Integrity Award. If you would like to reward me for rescuing a dog, feel free to bring baked goods by Customer Service, preferably homemade.
Glenn: Thank you.
Garrett: [over PA] And no lemon squares, or anything with oatmeal. Save that crap for somebody who did not rescue a dog.

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Quote from Back to Work

Jonah: Look, all I'm saying is with a little effort it's not that hard to get people to like you.
Dina: I really don't care if people like me.
Jonah: Okay, but... don't you find it hard being a boss to people... that resent you? [employees snicker]
Dina: You do raise a good point.
Jonah: Yeah.
Dina: I watch a lot of Dog Whisperer DVDs and it's always easier to train a bitch who enjoys your scent.
Jonah: That's exactly what I meant.

Quote from Playdate

Garrett: Okay, just keep it simple. Take him out to a nice dinner.
Dina: I don't even know what a nice dinner is. Is it a hot soup followed by a cold soup? Is it a place that gives you bread? Is it a place that wants you to bring your own bread?
Garrett: What are you talking about? You've had dinner before.
Dina: Not as a girlfriend!
Garrett: It's very similar!