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Quote from Mateo in Ground Rules

Mateo: Another floor supervisor tip: We direct. Don't use words like "maybe" or "I think" with these peons.
Cheyenne: Okay.
Mateo: Before you speak, think, "How would an evil queen decree this?"
Cheyenne: Ooh, yeah.
Mateo: And just a couple other things I thought of.
Cheyenne: Oh.
Mateo: No more campfire games with employees and no sparkly makeup. Oh, and don't put unicorn stickers on your clipboard. They're unprofessional.
Cheyenne: Uh, okay.
Mateo: But otherwise, you are killing it, girl.
Cheyenne: Thanks.
Mateo: Oh, you should probably change your shoes. I mean, they're fun but, it looks like you skinned a Care Bear.


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Quote from Cheyenne

Cheyenne: Oh, here's a perfect place to update shift assignments. Hmm. Isaac, you shall henceforth be working on register four to maximize efficiency and expedite expenditure.
Sayid: What's happening? Why do you sound like Nurse Ratched on the Netflix series Ratched?
Cheyenne: Oh, I'm running this meeting like Mateo in a very professional manner. Mm-hmm.
Mateo: Okay, ha, ha, very funny. But you know what? Even this is way better than your usual singles cruise director attitude.
Cheyenne: [British accent] Oh, I doth agree because one should never have a fun, cool attitude when one can have a stick up their arse! [all laugh]
Carol: Oh, my God, that's so good.
Isaac: You're tearing him apart. Do his walk.
Cheyenne: Oh, yeah. Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh. That's not how I... [British accent] Uh, uh, oh, God, I right dropped me cane!
Mateo: What cane? I don't have a cane!

Quote from Jonah

Jonah: Sorry about the long bathroom break. I opened the Harper's app and you know how that story ends.

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Quote from Magazine Profile

Mateo: Why would anybody be attracted to Jonah? He looks like a villain on the CW.

Quote from District Manager

Mateo: My UPM score is a five.
Garrett: A five? Even I got a 30.
Mateo: Well, you have better hand-eye coordination. I can't be wasting my time playing Star Trek video games all day.
Garrett: Uh, it's Star Wars.
Mateo: Same diff. They're just ugly people floating in space.
Garrett: Yeah, they're not floating in space. They're on planets most of the time. That's just an ignorant comment.