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Quote from Dina in Target

Dina: Okay, you remember the guy from the pet store?
Amy: Uh, no.
Dina: You remember. The guy from the pet store.
Amy: Oh, yeah, continue.
Dina: We're meeting for lunch today, and he's bringing a friend.
Amy: Oh, oh, oh, you mean, for me? No, no, no. No, no.
Dina: Ah, come on, I really like this guy. He makes me feel like... Have you ever fired a gun into the sky?
Amy: Well I mean, I guess if you really...
Dina: I've already told him how desperate you are, and he says his friend is fine with it.
Amy: How nice. Um, you know what, Dina, actually, I think I'm going to pass. I made myself a PB&J for lunch that I have been looking forward to all morning. So maybe next time, if there's, you know... [stammers] [walks off]

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