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Quote from Kelly in Sal's Dead

Jonah: Okay, Kelly, just...
Amy: Okay, Kelly. It was me. I did it. I took Jonah's phone, and I was messing around. And I accidently swiped right, and I just couldn't stop myself. And Garrett had something to do with it too.
Garrett: What?
Amy: I-I mean mostly it was me.
Jonah: Just put the knife down, okay? You're not going to hurt anyone.
Kelly: Stop telling me what to do! [stabs Jonah]
Garrett: Jonah!
Jonah: Aah!
Garrett: [bleep]
Jonah: Why... did you have to use... my phone? [groans]
Amy: Oh. I get it. [Jonah and Kelly take a bow] You... that... fake. So funny. [Kelly giggles] Got me.
Kelly: Ha-ha.
Garrett: Happy Halloween.

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