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Quote from Amy in Workplace Bullying

Amy: Hey. Oh, turkey sandwich. Hey, did you know that the sandwich was invented by the Earl of Sandwich?
Mateo: Okay.
Amy: That's just a little random fact that I knew. My head's full of all kinds of things like that.
Cheyenne: Who invented salad?
Amy: Good question. I have another one. Remember how we were just talking about turkey? Which founding father wanted to make the turkey our national bird?
Ken: Um...
Amy: Huh? Anyone? Benjamin Franklin, who, as we all know, also invented the Franklin Stove and bifocals.
Kelly: Really? I don't think that's true.
Amy: Well, it is true. I know it's true because I just looked it up.
Mateo: Okay.
Cheyenne: So did he invent salad?
Amy: No. No, that was someone else.

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