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Quote from Myrtle in Brett's Dead

Jonah: Hey, Myrtle, you've been here a long time, right?
Myrtle: Since 1987.
Jonah: Oh, yeah, so you were here, then, when Garrett first started...
Myrtle: The Cards were in the World Series. I was having an affair with Ozzie Smith. The Wizard, we used to call him.
Jonah: Wow, no kidding. So...
Myrtle: Turns out it wasn't really Ozzie. He was a waiter at Beffa's, which was a popular establishment back then.
Jonah: Beffa's? Never heard of it.
Myrtle: I once saw Al Wiman having a roast beef sandwich there. Well, he ordered it. I don't recall if he ate it.
Jonah: That's a really good story. Um, Myrtle, when...
Myrtle: Back then, people were tougher than they are now. You can't even call someone a [bleep]. Even if they're being one. [Jonah walks away] Which reminds me of a story... I once had a sister-in-law who really was [bleep], and she was adorable.

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