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Quote from Mateo in Managers' Conference

Glenn: Where's Sayid?
Dina: I told him to shovel out front.
Glenn: What? Hasn't he been through enough? I mean, the last thing he needs is to be thrown out in the cold like like he's some nothing. Mateo, go take over for Sayid.
Mateo: Me? Wha- You know what? I can't. I am on holiday wrapping duty.
Glenn: No problem. Garrett, could you take over for Mateo, please?
Mateo: Or we can just cut out the middle man and have Garrett shovel the snow.
Garrett: What? How am I supposed to do that?
Mateo: I mean, we have snow tires. Okay, I want everybody to remember this the next time somebody says "Garrett can do anything."
Garrett: Wow.

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