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Quote from Glenn in Shoplifter

Mateo: So tragic. What's gonna happen to the couch?
Glenn: What? The couch?
Mateo: It was the fanciest one in the store.
Cheyenne: He died on the fancy couch? Does that mean it's gonna be on sale?
Dina: We don't have to tell anyone somebody died on it.
Glenn: Not disclosing someone died on it is lying. I'm a man of truth, Dina. Maybe lying's your thing.
Dina: Oh, you like truth, huh?
Glenn: Yeah.
Dina: How 'bout this truth: You have the hands of a middle-aged woman.
Glenn: You want to play the truth game?
Dina: Sure.
Glenn: Fine. Your podcast is a mess. Yeah, no one wants to hear your rambling. Just get to the interview.

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