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Quote from Amy in Workplace Bullying

Dina: Okay, what if someone steals a baby? What then? Do you want me to just sit there and watch someone take a baby?
Cheyenne: What if the baby is wearing a bomb? Then wouldn't you want him to steal it?
Jeff: I'm trying to picture a scenario in which somebody planted...
Marcus: [gasps] Oh, what if it's baby Hitler?
Garrett: That's a very good question.
Jeff: Is it?
Glenn: I think you gotta kill that baby Hitler.
Jonah: Yeah.
Amy: But how would you know that that baby was gonna grow up to be Hitler? What if that baby was gonna grow up to be the exact opposite of Hitler?
Jonah: Churchill?
Garrett: No.
Roger: Lance Bass.
Garrett: Interesting.
Mateo: Oprah.
Garrett: Yeah, Oprah.
Cheyenne: Oh, yeah.
Amy: Gotta save that baby.
Glenn: Gotta save it.

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