Estelle Costanza Quote #18

Quote from Estelle Costanza in The Doorman

Estelle Costanza: Is it safe to come in?
George: Oh, of course. Of course.
Estelle Costanza: You're not having any of your transvestite parties?
Frank Costanza: Will you stop it?
Estelle Costanza: I lived with him for forty years, I never saw him trying on my underwear. As soon as he leaves the house, he turns into J. Edgar Hoover!


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Quote from Kramer

Kramer: Does your back hurt?
Frank Costanza: How did you know?
Kramer: Well, it's obvious, you know. You're carrying a lot of extra baggage up there.
Frank Costanza: Up here?
Kramer: Oh, yeah. Top floor. [sits next to Frank] Listen, Frank, have you ever considered wearing something for support? Now, look at this. Mind you, this is just a prototype.
Frank Costanza: You want me to wear a bra?!
Kramer: No, no. A bra is for ladies. Meet, the Bro.

Quote from Frank Costanza

Kramer: I told you! Now, Frank, listen. Here's what I'm thinking. Now, you have a friend in the bra business, right?
Frank Costanza: Of course. Sid Farkus. He's the best in the business.
Kramer: Here's our chance. What d'you say? It'll be me, you and the Bro, bro.
Frank Costanza: Let's do it! Except, we gotta do something about the name.
Kramer: Why, what's wrong with Bro?
Frank Costanza: No, bro's no good. Too ethnic.
Kramer: All right, you got something better?
Frank Costanza: How 'bout uh... the Mansiere?
Kramer: Mansiere?
Frank Costanza: That's right. A brassiere for a man. The mansiere, get it?

Quote from Estelle Costanza

Frank Costanza: We'll go out for dinner tonight.
Estelle Costanza: I can't tonight, I'm busy.
Frank Costanza: What do you mean, busy?
Estelle Costanza: I'm having dinner with someone.
Frank Costanza: With whom?
Estelle Costanza: Sid Farkus.
Frank Costanza: Sid Farkus?! You're not having dinner with a bra salesman.
Estelle Costanza: Hey, he only sells them. He doesn't wear them!