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Quote from George in The Trip: Part 1

George: Hey. Corbin Bernsen.
Corbin Bernsen: How you doing?
George: Big fan! Big fan.
Corbin Bernsen: Yeah.
George: Hey, you grew a beard, huh?
Corbin Bernsen: Yeah, yeah. I'm doing a movie during my hiatus.
George: Hey. You know, do I have a case for you guys to do on L.A. Law.
Corbin Bernsen: Really?
George: mind you, at this point I'm only going out with her two or three weeks. So she goes out of town and she asks me to feed her cat. So at this time, there's a lot of stuff going on in my life and, uh, it slips my mind for a few days. Maybe a week. Not a week, five, six days.
Corbin Bernsen: Yeah, yeah, yeah. So what happened?
George: Well, it's the damnedest thing. The cat dies. So she comes back into town, she finds the cat lying on the carpet, stiff as a board.
Corbin Bernsen: So you killed the cat?
George: That's what she says. I say, "Listen. It was an old cat. It died of natural causes." So get this, now she tells me that I gotta buy her a brand new cat. I say, "Listen, honey. First of all, it was a pretty old cat. I'm not
gonna buy you a brand new cat to replace an old dying cat. And second of all, Igo out to the garbage, I find you a new cat in fifteen seconds. I say, you show me an autopsy report that says this cat died of starvation, I spring for a new cat." So she says something to me, like, uh, I dunno, "Get the hell out of here", and she breaks up with me. Now don't you think that would be a great case on L.A. Law?

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