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Quote from Elaine in The Sniffing Accountant

Elaine: You wanted to see me, Mr. Lippman?
Mr. Lippman: I was just going over the Jake Jarmel book and I understand you worked with him very closely.
Elaine: Yes. Yes, I did.
Mr. Lippman: And, anyway I was just reading your final edit. Um, there seems to be an inordinate number of exclamation points.
Elaine: Well, I felt that the writing lacked certain emotion and intensity.
Mr. Lippman: Ah. Hmm. "It was damp and chilly afternoon, so I decided to put on my sweatshirt!"
Elaine: Right, well.
Mr. Lippman: You put exclamation point after sweatshirt?
Elaine: That's that's correct. I-I felt that the character doesn't like to be ch-ch-chilly.
Mr. Lippman: I see. "I pulled the lever on the machine, but the Clark bar didn't come out!" Again, exclamation point.
Elaine: Well, yeah. You know how frustrating that can be when you keep putting quarters and quarters in to machine and then nothing comes out...
Mr. Lippman: Get rid of the exclamation points. I hate exclamation points.

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