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Quote from Jerry in The Note

Jerry: You hear about that kid that was kidnapped the other day in Pennsylvania?
Julianna: No.
Jerry: He was at a carnival with his mother. She goes to get a hot dog. Next thing you know she turns around, boom, he's gone.
Julianna: Oh.
Jerry: Imagine how sick a person has to be to do something like that. And these people are all over the place. You never know who's crazy, I could be one of these people.
Julianna: [visibly uncomfortable] Have you seen any good movies?
Jerry: Who takes care of your boy during the day?
Julianna: We have a woman. Why?
Jerry: No, no. I'm just saying.
Julianna: She had references.
Jerry: I'm sure she did, I'm sure they're impeccable. I'm talking about the ones that forge them. You know, I think this is really helping.
Julianna: I don't live near here, you know!

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