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Quote from Dr. Cox in My Best Laid Plans

Elliot: Okay, if the patient is in shock, the first thing we want to try to do is assess intravascular volume.
Dr. Cox: [imitates buzzer]
Elliot: What? That's right.
Dr. Cox: Oh, I know. I wasn't [imitates buzzer]-ing you to indicate an incorrect answer, I was [imitates buzzer]-ing you because I was bored, and I thought that just might drive you crazy.
Elliot: Oh, you're a wonderful teacher. Stop [imitates buzzer]-ing me in front of my residents. It's unprofessional.
Dr. Cox: You're right, Barbie. Carry on.
Elliot: So, when you're dealing with cardiogenic shock... It's best to start fluid resuscitation.
Dr. Cox: Bong!

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