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Quote from J.D. in My Bright Idea

Elliot: Oh, my God, Turk. Carla must be so happy.
Turk: I haven't told her. I'm gonna now.
J.D.: Wait, Turk. When has a man ever been able to tell his wife that she's pregnant? Allow me to paint you a picture with my imagination brush. OK? You two come out in the parking lot where all Carla's friends have gathered. They're holding a banner that says, "Carla, you're pregnant and I dove you." Did I say "dove"? I did, Turk. That's when I cue the bird wrangler who releases 500 white doves into the air. Where do they land? I don't know. But one thing Carla knows is that in her uterus is a little, soft baby Turk.
Turk: Are you forgetting what happened when you made me have doves at my parents' anniversary party?
J.D.: This won't be indoors, Turk, and there won't be all the people throwing birdseed. I mean, why were people throwing seed?

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