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Quote from David in The Dress

Stevie: I am a single woman driving way out of town to meet a guy I don't know very well!
David: Well...
Stevie: Once he shows up I'm sure you can still go to the botanical gardens.
David: I'm not going to the botanical gardens by myself. What, am I gonna walk around, and admire the cherry blossoms alone, like some pervert? So if you're gonna meet this guy there, then where am I staying? I don't do couches!
Stevie: I got you a separate room.
David: A separate room, okay. So this has all been premeditated, then. You know what, I hope, for your sake, that they have cherry blossoms in prison.


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Quote from Roland

Roland: Oh, Johnny, there you are. I've been looking all over for you. Urgent question. Um, what's our policy on smoke breaks?
Johnny: Who's taking a smoke break?
Roland: I am.
Johnny: You don't smoke.
Roland: Yeah, I know. And I don't think I should be penalized for that.

Quote from David

David: I'm so glad we're doing this. We never get to spend quality time together. Also, I've been neglecting my wellness journey, so the cherry blossoms opening when we both have time off is really ticking a lot of boxes for me.
Stevie: Are you sure the cherry blossoms are even open now? I mean, I thought that wasn't for another couple weeks.
David: Mm, no, no, I called the botanical gardens, and had the girl send me a photo. I learned the hard way from my last trip to Japan. Showed up, no cherry blossoms, turned right back around. It was such a waste.

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Quote from Roadkill

David: Are you hearing anything I'm saying?
Alexis: Yes. Stay off your phone. Wait for the delivery man to drop off whatever. You can trust me.
David: Okay, can I? Because the last time I left you in charge of something...
Alexis: Ugh! This is about those stupid Tamagotchi?
David: Actually it is.
Stevie: Okay guys.
Alexis: You left me with six of them, David. Taking care of that many is like a full-time job!
David: I left you with six adult Tamagotchis in perfect health! And by the time I came home, they were all dead. You have to like actively murder them in order for that to happen!

Quote from Rock On!

David: Look at you, just drowning in other people's phone numbers.
Alexis: Who was that hunk with the teeny-weeny little polo?
Patrick: His name is Ken.
David: Ken! Just when I thought it was impossible to find a thirty-something named Ken!