Alexis Quote #216

Quote from Alexis in Sebastien Raine

Ted: Mind if I cut in?
Alexis: Oh, yeah. But I'm also happy to keep dancing with one of them.
Ted: No, I meant I could dance with Joan. Just the ladies get pretty upset if I don't divide my time between them.
Alexis: Oh, yeah. Yeah. Uh, well, then I will dance with Dot.
Dot: I would rather dance with the Swiffer.


 ‘Sebastien Raine’ Quotes

Quote from David

Alexis: Remember when he dumped you? And you ate all those mall pretzels, and watched "Bridget Jones's Diary" every day for a year.
David: It wasn't a whole year, and I will not feel shame about the mall pretzels.

Quote from David

David: I think he's coming. So could you please go to the window and check for me?
Stevie: Who's he?
David: Uh, Sebastien Raine. He's most likely wearing a very expensive sweater, that doesn't look very expensive.
Stevie: Is he like, really-
David: Really handsome in a homeless-y way sort of way? Yes.

Quote from Roland

Bob: I'll go see if Gwen's has any more of these bacon-wrapped scallops.
Roland: Yeah, I guess it's another trip to Bob's laundromat, right? You know, because he keeps taking us to the cleaners.
Ronnie: Yeah, we get it, Roland.