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Quote from Ron Swanson in Save JJ's

Leslie Knope: All right, everybody, listen up. We're here today because JJ's Diner has been a part of Pawnee for 41 years. And this man right here built that diner from the ground up with his own two hands.
JJ: That's not true.
Leslie Knope: It's called constructing a narrative, JJ. You stick to the breakfast. I'll deal with the politics. So, now, let's hear from a man who knows the value of things staying the same. Ron Swanson. [cheering]
Ron Swanson: I do not like rallies. And based on what I see from this vantage point, I do not like most of you. What I do like is breakfast food. JJ's has very good breakfast food, so it should remain open. Please do not approach me on the street after this event and attempt to talk to me. Our similarities begin and end with this single issue.
Leslie Knope: Ron Swanson.

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