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Quote from Ron Swanson in London (Part 1)

Diane: So pregnant. [chuckles]
Ron Swanson: I see.
Diane: I don't understand how. We were so careful.
Ron Swanson: I warned you about this. Standard birth control methods aren't usually effective against a Swanson.
Diane: I got about a million thoughts running around in my head, but I really just want to know what you're thinking.
Ron Swanson: Okay, here's what I'm thinking. I was gonna wait until our anniversary, take you somewhere romantic, perhaps in a canoe. Most likely in a canoe. I actually built a canoe for that purpose, but given the news, and given my significant feelings for you, now seems as good a time as any.
Diane: Ron Swanson.
Ron Swanson: Diane Lewis... will you marry me?
Diane: Yes. On one condition.
Ron Swanson: Anything, my love. Ask me for anything in the world, and I'll give it to you, except a destination wedding.
Diane: Just the opposite. We've both been married before. I don't want anything big or elaborate. In fact, the smaller the better. I assume you can deal with that.
Ron Swanson: Are you kidding? As far as I'm concerned, we could go up to the fourth floor right now.

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