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Quote from Ron Swanson in I'm Leslie Knope

Leslie Knope: Ok, so here's what's going on.
Ron Swanson: I didn't ask.
Leslie Knope: By Friday, I'm supposed to announce that I'm running for City Council, and I haven't told Ben yet. I know I said that we broke up, but we couldn't. We're still dating. But now I have to break up with him for real, but I don't wanna break up with him because he's so cute. He's so nice.
Ron Swanson: If you're gonna stay here, there are three rules you need to follow. One, no talk about Tammy One. Two, no talk about Ben. Three, no talk.
Leslie Knope: I didn't even ask you last night. What is going on with Tammy one?
Ron Swanson: You just violated rules number one and three. You lose your coffee privileges. Oh, you choose, Knope. Hunting, fishing, or drinking?
Leslie Knope: I'd really love to shoot a gun right now.
Ron Swanson: Fishing it is.

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