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Quote from Schmidt in Reagan

Schmidt: You are kind. You are brave. You are a Maccabee. You are Daddy's favorite boy. You are loved by a wonderful woman. Deep breath in... [inhales] All heart, all action. Movement, direction, directive.


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Quote from Nick

Nick: I feel like one of those characters in the show Sax and the City talking about this.
Winston: Oh, no, you mean, um, uh, Sex and the City.
Nick: I'm talking about the one with the four ladies in a jazz band.
Winston: That's not a show.
Nick: Carrie, Miranda...
Winston: No.
Nick: The other one and the older one.
Winston: You're thinking of Sex and the City.
Nick: They would never allow that 'cause of the title.

Quote from Nick

Reagan: Well, you are weirdly checking all of my boxes, so... I'll come take a look.
Nick: Great, good. The, uh, the address is... right here on the form under my name.
Reagan: Great, I'll see you tonight. Good luck with your... "smush pain that feels like everything came out of the sandwich."
Nick: Doesn't even hurt that much, actually.

Quote from Schmidt

Schmidt: Look, I'm sorry for not being open with you. The truth is-is I still can't believe that you're gonna marry me. You spent the summer of 2003 at the MTV Beach House. I spent that same summer watching Felicity on VHS and recording a fake radio show where I reviewed snacks. I love you. And I know you love me. And so... [Cece gasps as Schmidt pulls out a ring box, then reveals it's empty] I give you my trust. You've always had it. And I don't feel the need to show the world that I own you by putting some gaudy gem on your hand.
Cece: I love you. [chuckles]
Nick: Ha-ha!
Cece: But you are getting me a real ring.
Schmidt: You're gonna have a diamond the size of a raisin. We can go tomorrow. We'll pick it out together.