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Quote from Nick in Eggs

Winston: How's the zombie novel coming?
Nick: Good, good, good. I haven't written a word.
Winston: Wait, are you serious? Nick, it's not that hard, man. Just sit down and write. You ain't Hemingway.
Nick: You boys are right. I got to be more like Hemingway.
Jess: I just lost another one of my eggs while you were comparing yourself to the most famous writer of all time.
Nick: Maybe the reason I have writer's block is I've been living too casual with you clowns. I need real-life adventure like Ernest Hemingway had at my age. Man, I got to run with the bulls. I got to kill a man with my bare hands after making sweet love to him and then sleep on the warm belly of his horse. I got to eat my way out of a sandwich house!
Winston: How much you know about Hemingway?
Nick: Not a lot! But I'm gonna learn! I'm becoming Ernest Hemingway. You idiots.

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