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Quote from Schmidt in Goldmine

Schmidt: Okay, look, I know I can't stop this, and I accept that, but I just wanted to stop it long enough so that I could say good-bye.
Cece: Aw. Look, this is a low-risk procedure, okay? I'm gonna be fine. Oh, you meant say good-bye to my boobs. I forgot who I was talking to. No, Schmidt, you cannot see my boobs.
Schmidt: I need to look them in the eyes. I can't let them leave without knowing how much they've meant to me.
Cece: I'll let them know.
Schmidt: No. I need to tell them myself.
Cece: [groans] All right... you can say good-bye to one, all right?
Schmidt: I mean, j-just one?
Cece: One.
Schmidt: [sighs] Gosh almighty. The Ultimate Sophie's Cho-Cho. I mean, there's Harold, who's just... full of life... [Cece groans] And Kumar, who's shy. Who's shy, but yet surprisingly so brave. But, you know, who wouldn't be with a best friend like Harold?
Cece: Oh, my God, fine! You can say good-bye to both, okay?
Schmidt: Okay. I need you to put these on.
Cece: What?
Schmidt: This is a private conversation that doesn't concern you. The playlist... matches the mood.
[Pachelbel's "Canon in D" playing]
Schmidt: I mean, I guess if I'm being honest, it doesn't matter what size you are. I'm always gonna love you, because you're attached to the most beautiful person in the whole world.

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