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Quote from Adrian Monk in Mr. Monk and the Really, Really Dead Guy

Agent Thorpe: We have less than 30 hours before he strikes again. Every second counts. That's why I've divided the strike force. Stottlemeyer and his group are at the secondary location where the body was found.
Adrian Monk: I can't find my seatbelt.
Natalie: Here. Maybe it's under the seat.
Agent Thorpe: Mr. Monk, are you listening?
Adrian Monk: Yeah, I'm with you. 30 hours to go. Every second counts.
Agent Thorpe: That is correct. I read your file. You appear to be a first-rate crime scene analyst. Those skills could come in handy.
Adrian Monk: Here it is! Oh, no. False alarm.
Agent Thorpe: Mr. Monk, we're looking for the primary location where the murder actually took place. The victim's clothes, covered with DNA and microscopic trace evidence.
Natalie: So we're going to a crime lab?
Agent Keao: Ms. Teeger, you're in a crime lab. This is the most advanced forensics laboratory in North America. Gas chromatograph, mass spectrometer, a continuous digital uplink to FBI facilities in Quantico.
Adrian Monk: That's great-- I can't find my seatbelt.
Agent Thorpe: You don't need a seatbelt! This thing is built like a tank.
Adrian Monk: Yeah, here's the thing-- I feel better if I'm strapped in. I could fall out and bump my head. It's very dangerous.
Natalie: I have a seatbelt. All right, let's switch. [they swap seats]
Agent Keao: Aren't you worried about her?
Adrian Monk: No, she's fine. Is there a shoulder strap? I'm used to dual restraints.

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