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Quote from Harold Krenshaw in Mr. Monk Gets Hypnotized

Harold Krenshaw: Look, I don't want to interrupt your work. I know you're busy. It is another murder?
Adrian Monk: You know what, Harold? Maybe.
Harold Krenshaw: They're lucky to have you. Listen to this man. He is a genius.
Adrian Monk: He doesn't mean that. You don't mean that.
Harold Krenshaw: Sure, I do. I do. I don't play that competitive game anymore. That was an emotional dead end. I have a new therapist. [sighs] I'm in a whole different place.
Adrian Monk: You, you have a new guy?
Harold Krenshaw: He's great.
Adrian Monk: Yeah, my new guy's great too. His first name is Neven. It's a palindrome.
Harold Krenshaw: Ah, I guess it is.
Adrian Monk: Oh, it is. It is.
Harold Krenshaw: I know that stuff is important to you. I guess I'm just a little more result-oriented these days. His name is Climan. Lawrence Climan. Give him a call.
Adrian Monk: Hypnotherapist? He's a hypnotist?
Harold Krenshaw: Mmm-hmm. Worked for me.
Natalie: Yeah, I- I guess it did.
Harold Krenshaw: Anyway, good luck. See you around campus. I just cannot get over that rainbow! It just makes you feel glad to be alive, doesn't it? Oh, I love this song! [sings] 16 girls standing in a row One says "hi," the other says "hello".

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