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Quote from Adrian Monk in Mr. Monk and the Election

Adrian Monk: Captain, captain, it's not me, is it? Am I? Just tell me, am l... Am I that guy? Am l am I that far gone?
Captain Stottlemeyer: Relax, Monk, you are completely different. You put the chocolate doughnuts in the middle, which makes perfect sense, because that way the different groups are together.
Adrian Monk: Exactly! That's all I'm saying.
Captain Stottlemeyer: And he put the chocolate donuts on either end, which j-just isn't as good, because that way, they're they're separated.
Adrian Monk: Hello!
Captain Stottlemeyer: No comparison.
Adrian Monk: I told you. He will he will drive you crazy.
Lieutenant Disher: So, is he the guy?
Adrian Monk: Uh, no. I wish he was, but he's not the guy. He never would have misspelled Natalie's name on the note.
Captain Stottlemeyer: How do you know?
Adrian Monk: Because... Because I wouldn't have.

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