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Quote from Harold Krenshaw in Mr. Monk and the Election

Captain Stottlemeyer: Could we get back to this? Mr. Krenshaw, where were you at 10:30 this morning?
Harold Krenshaw: I was at Dr. Kroger's office. I had my my appointment.
Adrian Monk: Your appointment ends at 10:00.
Harold Krenshaw: It was a double session.
Adrian Monk: [whispers to Stottlemeyer] Dr. Kroger doesn't do double sessions anymore. I'm just telling you.
Harold Krenshaw: He made an exception for me. If you don't believe me, call him. Do you want his beeper number?
Adrian Monk: I have his beeper number, okay?
Harold Krenshaw: Well, if that doesn't work, try his cell phone.
Adrian Monk: He gave you his cell phone number?
Harold Krenshaw: Mmm-hmm.
Adrian Monk: That's a lie. He's lying, Captain.
Harold Krenshaw: Hmm.
Adrian Monk: 'Cause Dr. Kroger would never give anybody his cell phone number, ever. Not ever.
Captain Stottlemeyer: Monk, I really don't care.
Harold Krenshaw: I've been to his home.
Adrian Monk: Have you no shame?
Captain Stottlemeyer: Excuse me. A man died today.
Harold Krenshaw: I met his daughter.
Adrian Monk: Liar! Liar!

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