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Quote from Jay in I Don't Know How She Does It

Jay: [aside to camera] Gloria makes this Colombian dish I loved when we were first dating. I lied about a lot of things back then.
Gloria: What the hell are you doing?! That takes me three days! Three days to prepare! And then you say that you love it, and you feed it to the dog? What else have you been lying about, Jay Kennedy Pritchett?


 ‘I Don't Know How She Does It’ Quotes

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Jay: [to Joey] You didn't make enough noise last night? With all his crying, I didn't sleep four hours.
Gloria: I didn't close my eyes. It was like being back in my village, watching for the marauders.
Jay: I don't know what's more shocking - you standing watch, or knowing the word "marauders."
Manny: Please tell me I didn't sob all night just 'cause I lost my baby blanket.
Gloria: Shh! Don't remind him. He's happy now. And besides, you didn't even have a blanket. We were basically destitute.
Jay: What, did you get hit by lightning?

Quote from Phil

Phil: Hey, you know what? I could do some of that kid stuff tomorrow.
Claire: You've got that open house.
Phil: Honey, I've been juggling work and family for 22 years and just juggling for 30.

Quote from Phil

Phil: [aside to camera] Until now, when I'd screw up on the home front, I could always blame work, but with Claire running a company and being a better mom than ever, I could feel the kids downgrading their whole opinion of me. I went from an "A" dad to an "F" dad. Fail Dunphy. Phil Dun-fail. Failip Hum-fail Dun- No, I had it before.