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Quote from Jay in Baby on Board

Jay: Lily. Your teacher tells me you don't want to dance. Is that true? But you were so good back at the house when you were practicing.
Lily: I wanna go home, to my house.
Jay: Ah, to your house, huh? Are you sad your dads aren't here? [Lily nods] Yeah. Well, I know they're sad to miss this, but they're getting you that baby brother. That's good, right? [Lily shakes her head] You know, honey, your dads are gonna love you just as much when you get this brother. Trust me. I first had your aunt Claire, and then your dad came along, and I loved them just the same, no matter what he tells you. You believe me? [Lily shrugs her shoulders] Close enough. So what do you say? You gonna go out there and dance for everybody?
Lily: No.
Jay: Honey, there must be something I can do to get you out there.
Lily: [whispers] Come dance with me, grandpa.
Jay: No, honey, that's not gonna happen. How about I give you 50 bucks?


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Quote from Alex

Michael: You look flawless.
Alex: Thanks.
Michael: Did I not say coral was the color for you? Look what it does for your skin. Hi!
Phil: Hi, buddy.
Claire: Hi.
[aside to camera:]
Alex: Yes, my bad boy prom date is gay. He just doesn't know it yet, so I'm basically his beard. Pre-beard. His stubble.

Quote from Manny

Gloria: Jay! Manny! Good news! Mitch and Cam are getting a new baby today.
Jay: Really? That's fantastic.
Gloria: And it's Latino!
Manny: How's that giant fence working out for ya?

Quote from Haley

Claire: Um, we need to talk, honey. We're worried about you. You haven't heard back from the college that wait-listed you, and all the rest of your friends have. And now you're just wasting time at the mall.
Haley: For your information, I've already filled out and dropped off my community college application. And plus also I'm going to the mall because I have a job interview.
Claire: What?
Phil: Really?
Haley: My guidance counselor suggested I take a gap year. You know, a year between high school and college were you take some courses, have some life experiences, and get inspired. And obviously, work at the GAP.