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Quote from Dede in Crazy Train

Mitchell: Hey, Mom! Hi!
Claire: Hi, Mom!
Dede: [on video chat] Well, hello, original family.
Jay: Dede, we have something we have to tell you. Now, I know there's a delicate way to say this. Just can't think of it. Your fiancee's a pyro. He burnt down his ex-wife's house.
Dede: It's just like you three to try to ruin my big day.
Claire: Mom, we just thought you should know.
Dede: Jerry told me everything. Trust me. She had it coming. The woman's "cah-razy."
Jay: So, you're okay he's a firebug?
Dede: He's passionate, Jay. He knows how to express his feelings, unlike you. Maybe if you had burned our house down, we'd still be together.
Jay: My mistake. You're right, Dede.

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