Dede Quote #28

Quote from Dede in Crazy Train

Mitchell: Hey, Mom! Hi!
Claire: Hi, Mom!
Dede: [on video chat] Well, hello, original family.
Jay: Dede, we have something we have to tell you. Now, I know there's a delicate way to say this. Just can't think of it. Your fiancee's a pyro. He burnt down his ex-wife's house.
Dede: It's just like you three to try to ruin my big day.
Claire: Mom, we just thought you should know.
Dede: Jerry told me everything. Trust me. She had it coming. The woman's "cah-razy."
Jay: So, you're okay he's a firebug?
Dede: He's passionate, Jay. He knows how to express his feelings, unlike you. Maybe if you had burned our house down, we'd still be together.
Jay: My mistake. You're right, Dede.


 ‘Crazy Train’ Quotes

Quote from Manny

Gloria: Manny, it was a great idea to come on the train.
Manny: Rail is a last bastion of respectable travel now that every airport has become a sweat-pant convention.

Quote from Jay

Jay: Hey, thank you. Here's an Andrew Jackson. Make a clean set of sheets happen, I'll introduce you to his twin brother. [chuckles] You don't have to do the banter, but what's it cost me?

Quote from Cameron

[aside to camera:]
Cameron: Phil sent me his Silverton fan fiction, "Open House, Closed Casket."
[separetly to camera:]
Phil: "He looked up at the pristine crown molding in the great room and felt the breeze of the recently updated central air. 'Mrs. Coruthers, just as this desirable corner lot was split in half, so, too, is Mr. Coruthers.' The widow gasped and steadied herself on the granite kitchen island, a fitting metaphor for how alone she felt, despite being walking distance to a vibrant shopping district and wonderful schools."
Cameron: I've been avoiding him for the last two weeks.