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Quote from Gloria in Sarge & Pea

Gloria: Guys, come look! I did something very bad. Manny is taking a nap, so I put a pig-a-let in the bed!
Luke: Oh, my God. Where'd you get that?
Gloria: You remember those farmers that we met? You'll be surprised what they'll do for a couple of big tips.
Phil: What did you hear?
Manny: [pig snorting] Aah! Whoa! What is that?!
Gloria: It's a pig-a-let! Man, you should see your face!
Manny: Ohh, it licked my face! Why would you do this?
Gloria: Aye, Manny, don't be so uptight! I'm preparing you for college so that you fit in and make some friends. I took the idea from watching "The Animal House," "The Old School" movie-
Manny: College is about higher education, not pranks.
Gloria: Nerd!

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