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Quote from Jay in Lifetime Supply

Jay: Darn it! I'm trying to send an e-mail. This mouse keeps sticking. [Gloria gasps] Pretty big reaction. It's 10 bucks, tops.
Gloria: You just reminded me about my dream last night. I was in the middle of a meadow, coming down a staircase, then suddenly a black mouse showed up. He stopped, stared at me in the eyes, and opened his little mouth.
Jay: What did it say?
Gloria: What did he say, Jay? He was a mouse. They don't know how to talk.
Jay: Now you're playing logic police? You're standing on a staircase in a meadow?
Gloria: In my country, when somebody dreams about a black mouse, it means that something bad is going to happen!
Jay: Ah, don't worry about it. I dreamt about a lucky blue cow. We're good to go.

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