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Quote from Phil in Blasts from the Past

Phil: Oh, well, we still have Italy.
Claire: Do we? Listen, I've been doing some research on twins, and it seems that, like our daughter, they... they tend to come early. Even if it's a 1-in-10 chance, I can't risk having the only maternal figure present be that tub-birthing Wiccan. I got to be there for Haley.
Phil: It's overwhelming for sure, but haven't a ton of our best memories come from the anarchy of our house? Like when Luke got his head stuck in the banister?
Claire: Which time? Or when... When Alex's science fair project blacked out the whole neighborhood during the Super Bowl?
Phil: Or when, uh, Haley snuck in Luke's window the same week we bought him a slingshot?
Claire: Oh, God. That was... Mm.
Phil: So, it's a-a madhouse, but on the other hand, we're gonna have a couple babies in the house, and they'll be Haley and Dylan's. So they'll be doing funny stuff.

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