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Quote from Reese in Smunday

Reese: Come on, already, think of something!
Malcolm: I'm trying. All I've got are all the reasons this was a stupid idea in the first place. Even if we manage to keep mom fooled, we're screwed when Dad gets home. It basically means we're going to sit here, bored out of our minds for eight hours and wait for Mom to top our last punishment.
Reese: How could you be so stupid? I could have done that myself.


 ‘Smunday’ Quotes

Quote from Malcolm

[As Reese sleeps, Malcolm puts his hand in a jug of water]
Malcolm: [to camera] I picked this trick up in camp last year. This is going to be great. Wait for it. Wait for it- Oh, screw it. [pours water on Reese's crotch]
Reese: [wakes up] Oh, man.
Malcolm: What's wrong, Reese?
Reese: Nothing! Just- Just shut up and go to sleep, okay?
Malcolm: [to camera] It's good to be alive.

Quote from Francis

Francis: [on the phone] What are you doing home?
Malcolm: Mom's sick. She thinks it's Sunday. We kind of went with it.
Francis: Cool. Oh, dude, I need you to do me a giant favor. Go check the mail. Okay, there should be a letter there from Southern Alabama State.
Malcolm: Yeah, it's here. Why, did you apply there?
Francis: No, there's probably no point in me ever trying to apply there. I kind of drove a backhoe into their swimming pool.
Malcolm: Oh, man. Did they have to drain the pool?
Francis: No, if you put a ten-foot crack in them, they pretty much drain themselves. They did have to drain the gym, though.

Quote from Reese

Reese: I finally figured out how Mom could tell we were lying.
Malcolm: How?
Reese: Pheromones. She could smell the fear on us. Next time you lie, you have to take a shower first.