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Quote from Hal in Reese Comes Home: Part 3

Hal: Oh, uh, excuse me. Hi, uh, Sergeant Rick. I'm wondering if you can help me. My son is underaged, and I think you may have recruited him. Take a look.
Sgt. Rick: Oh, yeah, Private Jetson.
Hal: Oh! Yeah.
Sgt. Rick: Well, let's see, uh... He was sent to Fort Roberts. I'll get you the address.
Hal: Oh, I really appreciate this. I just don't understand what would make him go and do a crazy thing like this.
Sgt. Rick: Well, the truth is is today's army's a pretty attractive package. Competitive salaries, health benefits, college tuition...
[cut to:]
Hal: [on the phone] Lois, I didn't sign anything. Just hear me out. It's only two weekends a month, plus we might qualify for a housing allowance. Okay, there's a slight possibility of active duty, but Sergeant Rick expects global events to stabilize in the next three months.

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