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Quote from Mr. Herkabe in Academic Octathalon

Mr. Herkabe: Malcolm! Where have you been? I called an emergency study session.
Malcolm: What? We just had an emergency study session last night.
Mr. Herkabe: This is the Academic Octathlon. We are pitted against the brightest minds from every high school in the country. From now on, we will work through lunch every day.
Malcolm: I thought this was supposed to be fun.
Stevie: Fun... is for losers.
Kevin: We're all making sacrifices, Malcolm. I've had to blow off my cello lessons.
Lloyd: I missed my uncle's funeral.
Dabney: I've been tanking my grades for the past three months so I could be our team's mandatory "C" student.
Mr. Herkabe: [grunts loudly] That food is not there for you to eat, it is there so I don't get into trouble for making you work through lunch. Now focus!

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