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Quote from Lois in Water Park

Lois: Do you think we're wealthy?!
Malcolm: What?!
Lois: Do you think we're wealthy? Wealthy people drive fancy cars. They buy fresh pasta. Do we do any of those things? No! Wealthy people can afford to have their vacations ruined. No big deal. They just pick up and they go again. Your father and I work so hard. We work so long. What is wrong with you two?! Are you aborigines?! Every time I turn around, I hear someone screaming and fighting, and I pray to God it's someone else's kids, but it's not. [Malcolm looks at Lois standing in the flume and then looks at Reese] It's always you! Sane children would appreciate this... [Malcolm gets Reese's attention and looks down at Lois. Reese shakes his head, but Malcolm insists.] ...but you have to keep going at each other like rabid monkeys! It is not enough that you do this every day. You have to make me suffer, too. So help me! [looks at Malcolm and Reese] Don't you dare!
[As Lois points a stern finger at Malcolm, he reaches out and pokes her finger, sending her falling back into the slide]
Lois: [screams]
Life Guard: Arms and legs crossed at all times!
Reese: That is the bravest thing I've ever seen you do.
Malcolm: Yeah.
Reese: You're going to die.
Malcolm: I know. So, do you think she's okay? [Lois growls as she pulls the boys into the slide]

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