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Quote from Lily in Slapsgiving 2: Revenge of the Slap

Marshall: I even understood when Mr. Park from the bodega downstairs was "dead to you."
[flashback to Lily at the store:]
Lily: One coffee, please. Oh, but only if you have decaf. I don't want to be up all night.
Mr. Park: Dollar fifty.
Man: Coffee, regular.
Mr. Park: Dollar fifty.
Lily: Excuse me. Are you sure mine was decaf? You just used the same pot.
Mr. Park: I lie to him. Okay?
Lily: Oh, okay.
[cut to Lily wide awake in bed:]
Lily: You son of a bitch. That was not decaf!
[Lily returns to the bodega in the middle of the night:]
Lily: That was not decaf!
[Lily gives Mr. Park her "dead to me" look]


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Quote from Mickey

Future Ted: [v.o.] Now, Lily and her dad, Mickey, had always had a tough relationship. Mickey's dream was to invent the next great American board game. But his ideas were a little off.
[flashback to young Lily, wearing a ballerina costume, going to see her father at his work station in 1988:]
Young Lily: Daddy? You missed my ballet recital.
Mickey: Yes, sweetie, but, look! I just put the finishing touches on my new, hit board game, "Tijuana Slumlord".
[another flashback:]
Young Lily: Daddy, you missed my gymnastics meet.
Mickey: Yeah, yeah, yeah. But this is the one! "Car Battery: how long can you hold on?" [laughs] Here, princess, grab these.
[another flashback:]
Young Lily: Daddy, I had a nightmare.
Mickey: Aw, here sweetie. Here, come play daddy's new game: "There's a Clown Demon Under the Bed!"
Young Lily: [screams]

Quote from Mickey

[flashback to 2006 at Lily's grandparents' house:]
Lily: Dad, you should be paying rent, not living in your parents' basement.
Mickey: Hey, it's not my first choice. Having the old farts right upstairs is crimpin' my style a bit. Clearly, they're not getting the whole "sock on the doorknob" thing.
Marshall: Oh, they caught you with a girl?
Mickey: In a way.

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Quote from Unfinished

Lily: Where's the poop, Robin?
Robin: Excuse me?
Lily: When I was a kid, I had a dog named Bean. Whenever he made the face that you're making right now, you just knew he pooped somewhere in the house. Where's the poop, Robin?
Robin: I don't know what you're talking about.
Lily: Where's the poop, Robin?
Robin: There's no poop.
Lily: Where's the poop?

Quote from The Ashtray

Marshall: Lily!
Lily: Hey, you know the rules. You misbehave, I take away one of your toys. Aldrin Justice, baby.
Marshall: So you're telling me that that ashtray that's been in our apartment for over a year and a half is not only stolen, but also very expensive.
Lily: Both of those things, yes.