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Quote from Marshall in Bass Player Wanted

Future Ted: [v.o.] Kids, when your Uncle Marshall's bus broke down five miles away from the Farhampton Inn, he made a vow.
Marshall: I can walk that far.
Future Ted: Yes, it was another exciting installment of...
Marshall: [singing v.o.] Marshall versus the machines Our hero starts his journey With steely-eyed resolve But let's skip ahead to later With a slow dissolve So tired, dehydrated Not making any sense And wait a second Why is Bigfoot standing by that fence?
Bigfoot: Oh. Hey, you didn't see this.
Marshall: [singing v.o.] I'm not hallucinating Bigfoot really exists But everyone knows He quit smoking years ago Oh, crap, I'm losing it.
The Mother: Excuse me. Hey. You guys need a lift?
Future Ted: And that's how Marshall met your mother.

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