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Quote from Marshall in The Stinson Missile Crisis

Marshall: I'm so sorry, Lily. You have just a little bit. I realize now that it's my job for the next seven months to keep you happy, and that's why... I'm no longer withholding sex.
Lily: My hero. But I want to make sure that you feel comfortable with Dr. Sonya, too.
Marshall: I do. And you know what, the fact that she's so calm and laid back, maybe that's not a bad thing. Maybe that's exactly what we're gonna want in that delivery room.
[flash forward:]
Dr. Sonya: Lily, if you don't push, I will shove this baby up your throat and pull it out of your mouth!
Lily: [screams] Where the hell is Marshall?!
Future Ted: [v.o.] That's a crazy story, kids. I'll get to that.

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