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Quote from Lily in The Ducky Tie

Robin: Yeah, it's so funny how the past... you know, you think you're doing fine, but you know, because true love... God, Lily! What on Earth is going on with your cans?
Lily: Oh, these old things? I got my pregnancy boobs! I'm in that sweet spot where the chestal area knows I'm pregnant, but hasn't told the downstairs neighbors.
Barney: Well, what are you waiting for, Lil? Bust 'em out! Make 'em dance!
Lily: No!
Barney: [singing] Let your boobies show!
Marshall: Okay, I'm sorry, pal, but the party in my wife's sweater is a private event, and I'm the bouncer.
Robin: Dude, I think they's the bouncers.

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