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Quote from Barney in Miracles

[Barney is laying in a hospital bed with a broken arm, broken leg and broken neck:]
Ted: Dude, I... I can't believe you ran all the way up here.
Barney: Jeez. Flatter yourself much? [chuckles] What an ego on this guy. Um, I was up in this part of town because I had to attend a very important international business meeting. If you're here to come crawling back, just save it. I'm doing awesome without you. Even better now, 'cause I can play the sympathy card with the females. And B.T.W., there's one bone downstairs that ain't broken. Marshall, you know what I'm talking about. Up top! [wiggles the fingers in his broken hand] Hup!
Marshall: Are you sure?
Barney: Yeah, dude. Why do you think I had them set it this way?
Marshall: Okay. [high-fives Barney]
Barney: [groans] Ow! Worth it.

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