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Quote from Marshall in Unpause

Future Ted: [v.o.] Ever since Lily heard that Marshall had accepted an offer to be a judge, thus jeopardizing their planned year in Italy, they both knew a big fight was coming. But when they finally saw each other...
Lily: Pause?
Marshall: Pause.
Future Ted: See, Lily and Marshall had a long tradition of hitting "pause" on their arguments. Sometimes they paused because they suddenly had other things to do.
Marshall: We have to stick to our budget, okay? You cannot be out there buying all these Brazilian bikini waxes and Kama Sutra body oils and edible... Pause.
Future Ted: Sometimes they paused to keep their fights from changing subjects.
Marshall: Baby, I cannot put up with your shoes being all over the house.
Lily: Why not? I put up with your terrible mother. [gasps] Pause.
Marshall: Pause.
Future Ted: And now that they were paused., Marshall realized he would do anything to stay paused for as long as he could.

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