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Quote from Marshall in Nannies

Future Ted: [v.o.] Finally they met Julie Jorgensen.
Marshall: You're from St. Cloud, Minnesota? I'm from St. Cloud.
Julie Jorgensen: Really? Oh, you must know my dad. George Jorgensen?
Marshall: Of course. George Jorgensen's Organs.
Julie Jorgensen: Oh, last year my brother joined the business.
Marshall: Really. Who knew that Morgan Jorgensen would go into organs?
Lily: Anyway, Julie...
Marshall: Is it still called George Jorgensen's Organs or did they change it to George Jorgensen and Son Organs?
Julie Jorgensen: They changed it to George and Morgan Jorgensen's Organs. Guess whose idea that was.
Both: Morgan's.
Julie Jorgensen: They just opened a new shop out of state.
Marshall: Oh, yeah? Where?
Julie Jorgensen: Oregon.
Marshall: What's that one called?
Julie Jorgensen: Piano Town.

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