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Quote from Marshall in Blitzgiving

Robin: Look, none of us meant for it to happen, but, well, we had an awesome night with her.
[flashback to Zoey landing a hat on Marshall's head at MacLaren's:]
All: The Gentleman!
Lily: And then, the craziest thing happened.
[flashback to a dog skateboarding through MacLaren's]
Ted: I missed a skateboarding dog?
Lily: Yeah, but that wasn't the crazy part.
Ted: It wasn't?
Zoey: Okay, Marshall. Truth or dare?
Marshall: Okay, awesome. Well, Lily doesn't let me do truths. So, dare.
Zoey: Okay. I dare you to send a picture of your junk to a complete stranger.
Marshall: Best idea ever!
Marshall: Worst idea ever! My junk ended up in some stranger's pocket. If there phone was on vibrate, I basically dry-humped them.

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