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Quote from Marshall in As Fast As She Can

Robin: "What a nice surprise"? No, a nice surprise would be if a safe fell from 40 stories and smushed them both. I mean, you didn't let them have it?
Ted: No, we had a nice friendly chat, then, they went their way and I went mine.
Robin: Ted, you blew it. He blew it, right?
[Marshall and Barney stand up and applaud Ted]
Marshall: Well played, sir.
Barney: Bravo.
Robin: What?
Marshall: You see, Robin, Ted played it cool, which is exactly what he should have done. As a matter of fact,
I'd say on a scale ranging from...
[fantasy scene of Ted weeping uncontrollably as he talks to Stella and Tony:]
Ted: And I kept this sweater of yours... and sometimes I just sit in the bathtub for hours just, you know, just sniffing it.
Marshall: ... all the way to...
[An upbeat Ted with a woman who looks just like Stella wearing a beret and holding a small dog:]
Ted: This is my new fiancée. She's basically Stella, except she's French and, as you can see, she's got enormous cans.
French Stella: Enchantée.
Tony: Enchanté.
Marshall: I'd say you nailed it.

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