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Quote from Barney in Right Place Right Time

Robin: Hey. You listed Gaby Allan twice, as 78 and 162.
Barney: What? Let me see.
Robin: Seventy... One. Oh, my God. Wait a... I counted the same girl twice? That means I'm only at one 198?
Marshall: Well, that only means that you're half a percent less gross than we thought.
Barney: I'm seducing a Czech supermodel in two hours. I can't squander that on 199. No! Petra has to be 200.
Ted: Well, what are you gonna do? I mean, it's not like you're gonna find someone new to have sex with in the next two hours.
[later, Barney chats to a woman at MacLaren's:]
Barney: [talking ridiculously quickly Hi, Barney Stinson, millionaire astronaut. Want to come back to my place and see some moon shells?
Woman: Go away.
[later, with another woman:]
Barney: I just got back from my wife's grave. Put her in the ground a year ago today. Man, I miss her. I sure could use some comfort.
Woman: You're creepy.
[later, with another woman:]
Barney: Man, aren't you sick of all the games? I just want to settle down and have a gaggle of rug rats, like, right now.
Woman: I have Mace, and I enjoy using it.

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